What is Ayahuasca Tea?

Ayahuasca is a powerful brew that the indigenous of South America have been using for thousands of years, in order to connect them to Mother Nature and the cosmos. The medicine is made from from a mixture of the DMT containing chacruna leaves and the Ayahuasca vine native to South America’s rainforests and is ingested in the form of a tea.  It has recently made its way into modern focus, causing Ayahuasca tourism to surge with newly-opened healing centers appearing left and right. While many of us choose not to question our mundane, routine existences and perpetual lack of direction, some go in search for answers. Its appeal to tourists and foreigners is primarily due to its psychedelic effects, famous for instilling in its consumers a sense of enlightenment and internal cleansing. Ayahuasca is used by native South American tribes and people as a healing medicine, believed to cleanse them of negative energy and connect them more intimately to their concept of universal divinity. 


  1. With Ayahuasca, you will start to question everything. This will allow you to see and experience things in new ways. It produces a deep action in the body, mind, emotions and spirit, allowing confronts and conquer our deepest fears, revitalize life energies and awaken a higher level of consciousness in order to open ourselves to our “inner teacher.” Ayahuasca Ceremony, opens a connection to spirituality that will last a lifetime.

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