The Ultimate Car Battery Maintenance Guide
This infographic from covers seven of the best tips available for getting the most out of your vehicle battery and thereby avoiding unnecessary strain on your multi function jump starter.  This includes: monitoring the electrolyte in battery, parking your car under cover to avoid temperature fluctuations, keeping the battery clean, avoiding only using your car for short trips and the importance of using a correctly sized battery for protecting the electronics of your vehicle.  Following these tips as closely as possible will, besides extending the life of your car battery, also minimize your chances of being stuck with a flat battery, which we all know can be an extremely frustrating and annoying situation.  Keeping a portable jump starter in your car for an unexpected situation, however, is a very good idea. Forgetting the lights on, or just having a “dud” battery cannot be prevented by any degree of maintenance. can also help you in this area by providing comprehensive guides on selecting the right jump starter for your needs and also reviews of the top jump starters currently available, taking the hard work out of your decision.

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